Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World Diabetes Day!

    Last Thursday, November 14th, was World Diabetes Day and we had a lot of fun raising awareness and answering questions!  As promised, we posted every single diabetes related thing we did on Instagram. I also asked people to wear blue and/or write 'hope' on their hands to show their support for Boaz and to tag me in the photos.  We had a lot of submissions and Boaz loved looking at the pictures! 

Here is what our day looked like on World Diabetes Day! 

 Reading the label to count carbs. 

 Breakfast: 32g of carbs. 

 Sometimes, Dexter and his meter numbers don't match. Thankfully, all we have to do is type the meter number into Dexter to calibrate it. 

 I needed to put some IV tape over his Dexcom sensor to make sure it didn't fall off. 

 We did check his sugar here and gave him insulin, but I showed that in a video and I can't upload it. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blood in the Pump Tubing? Problem Solved

     Sometimes super scary things like this happen.  But apparently, blood in the tubing is completely normal and just requires a pump site change. But until you figure out the cause and solution, things like this can seem pretty scary. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

497. 152. 155.

    We were so excited to see 497 on the meter! Weird, but that meant his insulin was working! When we checked an hour later, he was 152 and 155, and Dexter is working again!  Yay!  Thank you all for your prayers! 

Pray for Boaz

Yesterday I posted this picture for Diabetes Awareness Month, today, it couldn't be more true.  As I write, Boaz's sugar is over 500 (his meter reads HI over 500, so I'm not exactly sure how high) and we have given him several boluses and he has not come down for hours.  He so high now that Dexter can't read it and decided to fail.  The doctor I spoke to just wants me to keep giving boluses (and a shot if needed) until it comes down. Pray that his sugar comes down quickly.  At this point, I'm ready to just be in the hospital to get him fluids. Pray also for our judgment, that we would make the right descision in taking him, or not taking him to the hospital.