Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World Diabetes Day!

    Last Thursday, November 14th, was World Diabetes Day and we had a lot of fun raising awareness and answering questions!  As promised, we posted every single diabetes related thing we did on Instagram. I also asked people to wear blue and/or write 'hope' on their hands to show their support for Boaz and to tag me in the photos.  We had a lot of submissions and Boaz loved looking at the pictures! 

Here is what our day looked like on World Diabetes Day! 

 Reading the label to count carbs. 

 Breakfast: 32g of carbs. 

 Sometimes, Dexter and his meter numbers don't match. Thankfully, all we have to do is type the meter number into Dexter to calibrate it. 

 I needed to put some IV tape over his Dexcom sensor to make sure it didn't fall off. 

 We did check his sugar here and gave him insulin, but I showed that in a video and I can't upload it. 

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