Monday, December 16, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Rookie Mistakes

    I have only been cloth diapering for two months, (except for that week where I couldn't get them clean, but we'll get there), so I know I will have many more rookie mistakes but I figured I could share what I have learned so far. 

1. Not owning enough.  I made this mistake when I first started cloth diapering. I was so excited about the concept of cloth diapering, and I bought as much as I could afford: two. Now quit laughing. Ok. I knew then that two wasn't enough, but I was determined to cloth diaper. But even with determination and excitement, part cloth diapering and part disposables, does not work for one day.  

2. Not having a network of cloth diapering friends.  I had ONE friend that cloth diapered, but that is not enough.  I found a couple cloth diapering groups on Facebook, and have never looked back. They are SO useful, I don't know what I would do without them. I also have a couple of internet friends that I have bought cloth diapers from (and also some that have given me a couple). Without my internet friends, I would only have 4 diapers. Also, make sure to find your local babywearing/cloth diapering group on Facebook.  I have only met a couple of those 'friends' in person, but it is very helpful to have local people to help answer questions.  

3. Using 'Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent'.   Ok this is a super easy rookie mistake to make.  It says it's FOR cloth diapers, so why wouldn't you use it?  Well, because it doesn't clean well, that's why!  This is what happened when I had to quit for a week.  I had been using a cloth diaper safe detergent, and I COULD. NOT. GET. THEM. CLEAN. It was driving me insane. I posted in tons of different cloth diaper groups and could not figure out what was wrong. My cleaning ritual was perfect, so what could be going wrong? Finally someone asked what I was using for detergent and she told me to use an all and clear detergent instead of a cloth diapering one. Sounded insane, but she has been CDing for a lot longer than I have so I gave it a try. A lot if people use tide, but I LOVE all things Method, so of course I used my Method Free and Clear Detergent. Completely solved the issues of smelly diapers even after washing!    I did strip (or bleach) a couple of inserts that I was still having problems with, but for the most part just switching detergents took care of all my issues! 

4. Not putting an extra insert in the diaper for nighttime. This one didn't take long to figure out.  Once your child soaks through his diaper, you'll realize that you need an extra insert. 

That's all the rookie mistakes that I can think of, so when I make more, I will let you know so you don't have to make them too!  

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  1. I found out my Heavy wetter needed charcoal inserts. After we got some of these from a coop it seems to help. I think she needs to potty train since she pees so much anyways. I do cloth diapersing and disposable. Just because sometimes I am not home long enough to wash diapers.


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