Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greyson's Cardiologist Check-Up

    Yesterday, an awesome friend kept the older boys so I could take Greyson to the cardiologist by myself. Everything with his heart has improved: the pressure in his lungs was 30-35 (they want it about 30 or less), his 'leaky valve' was not as leaky as before, and his ASD (hole in his heart) has shrunk a little. He is not improving as quickly as we (including his doctors) would like but he is improving.  We were hoping to be able to take his oxygen off yesterday but he was SATing 88-90 when he was off of it so they are not ready to take him completely off. We did decrease the flow from 1/4 liter to 1/8 liter and he seems to be doing well. Keep praying for his healing! 

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