Thursday, July 10, 2014

Greyson's Cardiologist Appointment Update

    That's right. NO. MORE. TUBES. No more oxygen.  We are so relieved!  Not dragging around an oxygen tank makes life so much easier.  

    See? Isn't that complicated?  

    Yesterday, Greyson saw his awesome cardiologist. I dragged all three kids there so the appointment was kind of complicated, but we survived. Greyson had another echo done.  It showed that his ASD (small hole in his heart) had shrunk a little bit since we were there two weeks ago and that his lung pressure had stayed the same. When he was in the hospital, his lung pressure was as high as his blood pressure which is WAY too high.  Because of his ASD, blood was leaking back into his body without passing through the lungs and getting oxygen. This was causing his heart to overwork and resulting in lung pressure.  The 'medicine' for hypertension at his age is oxygen. So they put him on oxygen to give his heart a break.  So he never needed oxygen to breath per se, but rather to help his heart.  

    Yesterday, the echo revealed that his lung pressure was 'on the higher end of normal'. Same as last week.  Since he had been put on oxygen to help the hypertension, his cardiologist concluded he no longer needed it since it was not making a difference.  We will be holding onto the tanks until our next appointment in two weeks to make sure that Josh and I do not feel he needs it again.  If he does, we will have the tanks available to use them. 


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