Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bird Seed Feeders

These bird feeders are inspired by this post over at Pink Pistachio.

When I saw the post over at Pink Pistachio I knew the time had come for us to make some bird feeders. The boys had picked up some pine cones at Grandma and Grandpa's and I had promised them we would make some bird feeders, but of course they were still sitting in a box. 

I realized this simple recipe might just be perfect for the pine cones.  I gathered everything up and got to work. 

I made the gelatin and mixed in the bird seed. 

After letting it cool for several minutes, I called the boys to come help me.  

First, we scooped the bird seed with spoons into the cookie cutters and put a straw in at the top to create a hole.  
After we had scooped all we could do, we started rolling the pine cones in the seed/ gelatin mixture.  This worked better than I thought it would! 

We shoved all of this stuff into the fridge to set and waited. When it had set, I took it out and attempted to string them.   Several of the cookie cutter ones broke at the hole but the pine cones held up well!   We did hang one cookie cutter one on the fence but the weight of itself eventually brought it down. 

The pine cones have held up well and we've even seen several birds enjoying their treats!  The boys love to see the birds and had a blast making the feeders!   Head over to Pink Pistachio for the full instructions and let me know how they turn out! 

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