Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Scary Day in the Hospital and Our New Sick Day Routine

    Back in November we went to our neighbors house and enjoyed a bonfire and fellowship. Little did we know what our night would bring.

    We put the boys to bed as usual and Boaz was a little stuffy but not enough to be alarmed. For whatever reason, which I am sure was the providence of God, I couldn't sleep very well and was pretty much up around 1am. We needed to do our nightly blood sugar check soon so I went ahead and got Josh up. When we went in there I noticed his breathing was heavy and deep so we decided it would be a good idea to pull out the nebulizer (which we have from another hospital visit with croup) and give him a breathing treatment. When we pulled him out of his crib he awoke enough to panic. I called the pediatrician, but by that point Boaz was barely breathing. So I hung up and called 911.

    While we were waiting for the ambulance and giving him a breathing treatment he stopped breathing completely for a second. Josh was holding him and I noticed he was blankly staring. Josh hit his back and he gasped for air. That was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. When the ambulance came Boaz was breathing pretty well so they calmly loaded him and Josh into the ambulance. I loaded up Emory and put him in the car. I then frantically ran inside looking for my purse (thinking I might need my id to even see him) just to remember I had stuck in the diaper bag to avoid looking for it. I flew down 17 at around 70mph and arrived at the hospital. Boaz was fine so after waiting awhile while they observed and monitored him we headed back home at about 430am. We got back inside and left the sleeping Boaz in his car seat and set up to give him another breathing treatment. The breathing treatment woke him up and he started breathing so hard that you could see his ribs. So we headed back to the er. Josh jumped out and took Boaz in and I went and parked and followed with Emory. While I was parking the lady at the front desk was trying to play peek-a-boo with Boaz while Josh tried to get him in to see a doctor. When I got in there he was headed back into triage. We filled out all the paperwork and were put back into the same room. While in there, Boaz had a few more episodes and the nurses rushed in to give him a breathing treatment When this would happen, I would have to step out of the room because I could not physically handle the stress.

    At around 730am, I was finally able to sleep for little bit (Josh had been in and out the whole time) and around 830 or 9 we got an official room. Shortly after we got to the room our pastor and his wife came by on their way to church. While they were there, we were told that Emory was not allowed to stay in the children's hospital because of the flu going around. Reluctantly, I nursed him real quick and handed him over to the pastor and his wife. They loaded him up and took him to church. My mom came by to help us out and I slept for a while. When it was nearing time for lunch mom drove me home and I grabbed some food for Boaz and whatever else it was that we needed. While I was gone they did an RSV flush which came back negative. After talking with our pediatrician and deciding that Boaz panicked when he was unable to clear out his throat because of low muscle tone, we headed home at about 430pm. Since then, every time his nose is runny or he is coughing we give him Zyrtec and cough syrup, do a breathing treatment, rub Vicks all over him, clean out his nose, run the humidifier and check his ketones.

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