Monday, February 11, 2013

Boaz's Check-up

    Boaz had a check-up appointment earlier this week.  I posted while we were in the office promising to post a couple of videos.  Sadly, I cannot get them to upload.  Sorry about that.  Anyways, Boaz's appointment went well.   Boaz was weighed and measured, and for the first time, maybe ever, they successfully took his blood pressure.  During the process they also prick his finger and test his A1C.  A1C measures how his blood sugar has been over a period of time, I think around 90 days.  His A1C was 7.6 which is good for his age. 
    He has been having a lot of lows lately, so we discussed adjusting his insulin but decided to continue with what we are doing currently.  Lately, he has not been receiving any short acting insulin to cover meals.  He is still getting long acting insulin in the mornings but other than that his body is almost doing what it is supposed to and is keeping his sugar pretty steady.  It is possible that he is honeymooning (a period of time where his body is producing insulin, but I will explain that further this week).  It is very difficult not being able to even guess what his body is going to do, and even when you think you have it figured out, it throws a curve ball and you have to start over.  Our new normal is constantly changing.  For now though, I am happy that we are not having to give him as many shots!  So anyways, we enjoyed our day around town and the doctor is satisfied with how we are managing his sugar!


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