Friday, February 1, 2013

Diabetes Education: Sick Day

    Last week Boaz's sugar was all over the place.  He was having at least one low a day, which is very unusual for him, and no matter what we did, we just couldn't seem to manage it.  I took him to the doctor this week because he was throwing up at nighttime and we had ruled out every possibility as to why.  Much to my surprise, he was diagnosed with strep! He had no other symptoms that I could see.  He was wheezing, so we had to give him a breathing treatment every four hours for two days and nights (ok, so we didn't wake up to give him his 1am treatment. Whoops!).  He is on antibiotics now and getting better, but of course now Emory and I are sick!

     Anyways, sick days for diabetics are quite complicated.  We are supposed to check his ketones every diaper, and its seems that we are checking his sugar a hundred times a day!  Also, if he throws up or has large ketones we could very possibly spend a while in the hospital while Boaz is hooked up to fluids and monitored closely to make sure his sugar doesn't drop.  As I mentioned before, his sugar is all over the place.  He will be below 100 before a meal and so I will wait to give him his insulin (which, has often been a good choice, because it has kept him in range).  Yet, other times, his sugar is high, but, we are hanging in there, closely monitoring his sugar and washing lots of hands!

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