Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Gender Reveal and Homemade Scratch Card Instructions

    This weekend we revealed to our family what our next baby would be.  We are having another BOY! That makes 3 boys for us!  I had my heart set on using balloons for the reveal but when we realized that wasn't going to work (due to city ordinances), I decided on making some homemade scratch cards. They were super easy to make!  Here's how:  

•Choose your paint color to scratch off and mix it with dish soap; 2 parts dish soap, 1 part paint 
•Paint your mixture onto contact paper or packing tape (I stuck strips of packing tape on wax paper)
•Let dry over night (or at least for several hours, but the longer it dries the less likely you will be to accidentally scratch it) 
•Cut the painted tape into the size and shape you want for the scratch pad
•Peel the backing off and stick it over the area you have prepared for the reveal. 
•Give to your lucky guests, and make sure to take pictures of their faces! 

*I used Glue Dots to attach the popsicle stick that I had painted for them to use to scratch it off.  You could use coins.  The Glue Dots worked well, because then were able to easily pop off the popsicle stick, and reattach it when they were finished. 

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