Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Corbitt Picks: Freshly Picked Moccasins

What they are: 
    100% Genuine leather moccasins, hand-made in the USA.  Susan Petersen started making moccs with a bag of leather scraps that she picked up at a yard sale. She needed a shoe that fit her son's feet just right, looked cute, and stayed on!  Once she designed the perfect mocc, she asked her brother if she could keep the old windows he was removing from the houses where he was installing windows so she could earn some money to start her business. She spent the summer of 2009 smashing out windows and selling the aluminum to start her business.  With $200 from scrap aluminum, she launched Freshly Picked.  

Why we love them:
    First off, we admire Susan for her entrepreneurship!  We love that she pulled from her resources to design a shoe for her child and devolp her company! Second, these shoes are amazing!  They fit perfectly (true-to-size), and are soft. We love that they do not cause blisters, so Boaz (our Type 1 Diabetic) can wear them and we do not have to be concerned about foot wounds.  We love that they stay on their feet, yet they are easy enough for the boys to take off themselves when we walk into the house. We love the pitter-patter they make when the boys walk. Oh, and they don't stink. At all. Which is a great thing when you have two boys with stinky boy feet!  These moccasins are really a must have, and if you stick around we will be giving away a pair next week! 

Check out Freshly Picked here.  


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