Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Wheelchair for Grey

Ok I know it has been FOREVER, but I do have a reason!  Back in January Josh accepted a job in Savannah and we moved back suddenly.  We are really loving it here and the kids are thriving being close to so much family.

    The boys are back in the swing of therapy and doing very well!   We love all of our new therapists and the boys are already learning more! Boaz has picked up a few new words and phrases and he really loves to help with everything. 

Emory is learning more than we can keep up with!   He is starting to write his letters and all he wants to do is learn! 

    Grey is doing GREAT.  Since we moved, he has learned how to pick up his head while on his belly.  He loves watching his brothers and trying to play with them. 

    He is using lots of cool equipment in therapy like a 'Crawler Helper' and Stander.  He needs support for his head while trying to crawl but he did move it forward a little bit! We are going to try to get a Stander at home for him.  He will be able to interact more in it and it will help his whole body develop. 

    He is also starting to eat more finger foods.  He REALLY loves strawberries. We struggled for a while with the fact that he couldn't join us while we would eat at restaurants but then I found a cart/highchair cover on Amazon that came with an infant insert! It works PERFECTLY.  He joined us for dinner for the first time at a restaurant a few days ago! 

    Because Greyson is so low-toned (lower than most babies with Down syndrome) we are going to get a him a wheelchair/special stroller.   This will provide the support he needs and allow him to interact with the world while we are out.  We are VERY excited about this.  When we went for his fitting and to see the demo, his face lit up when he realized he could see around him.  It was precious.  We are waiting on the excruciatingly long process of submitting it to insurance before we can get it!  It's torture!  

    We are hoping to get a Firefly PlayPak for him as well as this will help him sit up to play but insurance doesn't cover this so we are trying out different programs that may help.  Your prayers for this would be appreciated!  

Thank you guys for sticking through this whole long post! 


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