Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to Greyson!

    One year.  It has already been one year. One year ago we met our second baby with 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. One year ago I was one day past my due date.  One year ago I got my VBAC. One year ago we started collecting Star Wars things for Greyson because he was born on May the Fourth. One year ago. 

    Greyson has been through a lot in his young life of one year.  But he is THE MOST joyful baby I have ever seen.   His smile is absolutely precious and will make anyone's day. He is thriving in his therapies and babbling constantly.  He is following his bothers around as best as he can with rolling. He is awaiting his wheelchair and stander so that he can join in more with his brothers. We can't wait to see what all Grey accomplishs in this next year. 

    Last weekend we celebrated his birthday with our families with a Star Wars themed party.  Greyson had a blast of course.  Today we celebrated with FroYo as is our birthday tradition and then we had cake at dinner.   Grey actually dug into his cake this time and loved being sung to! Happy Birthday, BB. 


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