Thursday, June 4, 2015

Greyson's GI Appointment

    If you haven't already noticed, Grey is super tiny. Up until recently he was still going up on the growth chart, he was just tiny. Lately though he has been a lot more active and plateaued on the growth chart.   We started feeding him more calories to make up for his activity, but our pediatrician agreed that it would be a good idea to see a GI and Nutritionist.  Off to Nemours we went. 

    The exam went really well and the doctor isn't concerned about an underlying problem just yet. He did run a bunch of blood work to check on Vitamins. He also talked about doing a swallow study and X-ray to make sure he is eating well, but Greyson doesn't have any symptoms so they would just be precautionary.  

    After the GI appointment and a short lunch, we met with the nutritionist.  She said the way we were feeding him was perfect.  She gave us some pedisure samples and a goal for his daily calorie intake.  I am supposed to send in his food logs each week.  If he is eating well and still not gaining weight then we will run more tests. For now, we are counting his calories and making sure he gets 750-800 a day. Greyson is blowing our mind with how well he is eating solid foods so this task has been surprisingly easy.  This kid loves to eat! 

    I will keep you guys updated on how he is doing!  The goal is that this will help him gain muscle as well so that he will be able to hold his head and sit in the near future! 

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  1. sounds like that was an excellent doctor visit


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