Friday, July 17, 2015

Boaz Gets a Bike- Our Night at the Ambucs Fundraiser

    Last night we had the very special opportunity to attend the Ambucs Fundraiser.  Boaz was presented his special bike at this event and we all had a blast!  Ambucs 'is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.'  They provide AmTrykes to people who are unable to ride a traditional bike.  They do this through very generous people who provide funds to buy these bikes.  Last night we also had the opportunity to meet the man who fully funded Boaz's bike.  I can't even express how amazing that was!

    Boaz had that celebrity walk down by the time we left! He was even doing it down the halls of therapy this morning!  He was also on tv last night and this morning! We recorded it for the boys and, of course, they love to watch it.

    Emory is SO proud of his brother!

    Here is the link to watch him on the news!

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