Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Allergist Update

Shortly after I posted about Greyson's possible peanut allergy yesterday, I received a call from the allergist about his referral.  They had a couple openings THIS WEEK. So I scheduled the appointment for this morning at 10 o'clock. 

The appointment went smoothly and I really liked the doctor we saw. He took me (and my concerns) seriously. He explained that the way Greyson is reacting *sounds* like a peanut intolerance not allergy, but it is definitely possible he is allergic. He gave me an order for bloodwork and told me to continue avoiding peanuts until we get some answers.  The bloodwork will tell him if Greyson is allergic though it's negatives are not always correct.  We scheduled a skin test, and if the bloodwork is negative we will go forward with a skin test.

After we left we headed to our church for their Wednesday Noon Service.  We are not usually in town on Wednesdays so it was a blessing to be able to go. Also, Greyson makes some really cute faces when Daddy tickles him. 

After church, we headed to the labs for Greyson's bloodwork. Thankfully, the boys were very refreshed! While we were there, Nana took her lunch break so she could meet us there since she works at the hospital. It was a huge help having her there to watch the older boys (thank you, Nana!). Greyson did as well as expected with his bloodwork, though he only cried for a couple of seconds afterwards, opting instead to cuddle with the person who had just taken his blood. We will have results for this bloodwork in about a week.  Thank you guys for your prayers! 

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