Thursday, November 19, 2015

Peanut Allergy Answers and Some More Tests

Good news!  Greyson DOES NOT have a peanut allergy!  His bloodwork and skin test were both negative so it is simply an intolerance.  Of course, we are still avoiding giving him peanut products because we don't him to throw up but it's not dangerous as an allergy would be. We are so glad to have answers about this and are praising God it is not an allergy! 

Also on Monday, I took Greyson to the Neurologist. I hadn't told anybody about this because I wanted to see how the appointment went first. For months (basically since Greyson was born) we have wondered if Greyson had Cerebal Palsey. When he was a baby he was so low toned that he felt as if he would slip right through your fingers. We only let a couple of people hold him besides us and when I did hold him I would usually wear him (if I was moving around anyways) because it kept him secure in the proper position and there was no risk of dropping him. His therapists agreed that he was more low toned than any other baby with Down syndrome they had worked with so we took him to the Neurologist in Jacksonville when he was a couple months old.  He agreed that CP was a possibility but the test required anesthesia and Greyson was so young and newly off of O2 so he wanted to wait.  He told us to bring him back in 6 or so months of he wasn't making strides in therapy. 

We moved to Savannah right around that mark so I just got him into a local neurologist.  I went in saying that I didn't want to leave without getting orders for a MRI to test for CP.  Several people (not doctors) have acted like I was crazy so I was half expecting this doctor to act the same way but she didn't at all! She agreed with my concerns and promptly ordered a MRI, a blood test for a muscle disease, and a DNA test to look for a depletion.  I do know what a depletion is, but I don't know exactly what she is looking for and why but I will let you guys know when I learn more.  

At this point, Greyson is receiving all the early intervention he would if he did have Cerebral Palsey so it is more for our piece of mind. We are nervous about the tests (just because who wouldn't be?!) but we are excited that the doctor took us seriously and is moving forward for answers.  

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! 

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