Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No G-Tube for Grey (For Now)

    Yesterday we went to Jacksonville for Greyson's GI check up. Since he started moving around in February he has hardly gained more than a couple of ounces.   We weren't seeing any improvements with adding calories so we were moving towards a g-tube. At the last appointment we talked about adding more calories and seeing how he was in two months.  We were fully expecting to move forward with a g-tube but then he started to gain weight! The GI was happy with his weight gain (a full pound!) at the appointment yesterday and we decided to see how he was doing in another 3 months.  If he continues to gain weight, then we will just continue to monitor him, if he doesn't gain well we will do an endoscopy and consider a g-tube.   Overall, we are happy with those answers but please continue to pray that God will grow him! 

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