Monday, August 12, 2013

Pump Start!

    Sunday night after church, Emory had a fever.  We were planning on spending the night at the Ronald McDonald House, but I knew that would not be a good idea since Emory was sick. So I called and told them that we would be unable to stay there that night. They ended up paying for our hotel room instead!


     We were expected to be at the hospital to check in by 7am. We had to pick up breakfast for Boaz before we checked in but he was not allowed to eat until the Educator arrived to help us get his insulin pump set up. 

    We carried pancakes around the hospital for about half an hour before we checked in. 

    Once the Educator arrived, we put the pump site on him and let him start eating.  

   We were allowed to walk around the hospital in between blood sugar checks but were told to come back if he went low.  I think he went down to 66 before lunch so we headed back to the room. 

    After lunch, we started walking around again.  Both boys fell asleep for a short time while we walked around, but then Boaz's sugar went low again. 

    We headed back to the room again, and had to wait out there for a couple hours because his sugar would not come above 80. 

    Boaz fell asleep again during that time and by the time dinner came he was done for the day!  We could not get him to eat anything at all.  

    Thankfully they were understanding and let us leave anyways.  

    After the hospital, we headed to a basketball game put on by the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville.  Boaz loves basketball so he enjoyed the game. We met a few people, but we were unable to stay for the entire game because the boys were so tired. 

    Overall the pump has been working out very well.  Boaz has been sick this past week so it is difficult to know whether the pump needs to be adjusted or if high blood sugars are a result of his illness. We did make a couple of adjustments today, so we will see how things work out!   

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