Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pump Tips (So Far)


    Boaz recently started using the Animas Ping for Insulin Pump Therapy. Here are our tips so far:

• Get on the Pump as early as you can. A lot of people wait, but then when they start Insulin Pump Therapy they have to basically start over with figuring out how much insulin they need and so forth (so I've heard). Since we started within our first year of diagnosis, we haven't had to go back to ground zero because we hadn't left it yet. 

• Find a Pump Pouch that works for you.  To do this you may have to try several.  When we first started, I had bought one from Etsy (this was the only place I had heard of that sold them). It was a nice pouch but it had a clear viewing window which just tempted other children to press buttons on the pump and Velcro to strap it to his waist. Boaz constantly pulled off his pump pouch since he loves to undo Velcro.  We now use a pouch that just has pockets. It slides around his waist and you just put the pump in a pocket. This has worked so much better for us!  I have also seen pouches you can wear on your leg (so you can wear a dress), and ones that look kinda like fanny packs (which a lot of people love these, but I didn't want Boaz to wear a fanny pack :/). 

• Tuck the pump pouch into their PJs. We had a lot of issues with the pump falling out while he was sleeping, or it sliding to the front and he then pulling it out. Then we had a genius idea!  If we just tuck it under his PJs, it won't move!  And guess what, it's been the greatest thing!  

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