Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dexcom G4

We got our continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in the mail yesterday! I was not expecting it at all so we were super excited! As soon as we got it we opened it all up, read all the directions, and called Dexcom to see if we needed to be trained or if we should just give it a go. They gave me the number of somebody who could walk me through it on the phone if we wanted but she wasn't available until Monday so we decided to go for it!

We watched several tutorials online and read the directions over a few times. I was really nervous because I didn't know how he would react, so Josh let me put a site (the sensor) on him so I would be confident to do it and we would know how it felt. He said that it hurt less then the syringes for insulin injections!

When Boaz woke up from his nap we went ahead and put it on him. It actually wasn't bad. He fussed for a second but then went right on to playing. I think he only fussed because we were holding him still and he was ready to go. He hasn't even noticed the transmitter on him!

P.S. We named our CGM Dexter

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