Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Homemaking Binder

        A while ago I saw the idea of making a Homemaking Binder.  Something to help you keep your household running smoothly and to make it easy for someone to take over while you have a baby or are on bed rest.  I started putting mine together right away but it can be difficult to find pages to fit everything you need.  Here are what I have found to work for me so far:

My sections are: Meals, Cleaning, Budget, The Boys (my kids), and Fitness

I bought a 2in binder and am in the process of covering it with a paper bag from Trader Joe's

You can find this page here.


On pages like this that will be used over and over again, I put them into page protectors and use a dry erase marker to fill them out.  I have found that baby wipes erase it best.  This page is from Hello Cuteness.


I created this page for a short list of things that really need to be
done each day.  Again, I just use a dry erase marker to cross things off my list.

This page is from here.

 This is another one I made.  It is information on Soap Nuts for whoever may be doing my laundry. (Keep your eye out for a post about soap nuts and a giveaway!)

I created these pages before Emory was born to help my husband out with laundry.


 This page is from here.

 This Page is also from here.

The Boys:

I made this page for a quick reference of foods my Type 1 Diabetic son, Boaz, can and can't eat.
This is just a quick list of routines.

Coloring pages!  
And....my fitness section is empty.  But, hey, I just added it! But anyways, there is my homemaking binder.
 I hope I have inspired you to make your own, I love mine and I don't know what I would do without it!!

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