Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thankful for Dexter

In case you missed it, last weekend we received our DEXCOM G4 in the mail and we named him Dexter. We were not expecting him in the mail at all so it was very pleasant surprise! We knew having Dexter would be good for our family, but I don't think we realized how good it really would be.

Last weekend, when we received Dexter, we went to a birthday party. We hadn't heard about the party until about an hour beforehand so we rushed out the door really quickly. While we were at the party, Boaz was very distracted. I thought he had eaten enough carbs, but I guess I was wrong!

The party was an hour away, and on the way home we were watching his sugar drop on Dexter. It was 100 one minute and the next Dexter was alerting us that Boaz was below 55! If it wasn't for Dexter, we wouldn't have even known he was low because he was acting fine! We gave him icing (our best sugar bringer-upper), it didn't seem to be doing anything. Next alert was that he was LOW, meaning he was so low that Dexter couldn't measure it (which I later learned is anything below 40!). It took four tubes of icing, but we finally brought him up! So, needless to say, we are VERY thankful for Dexter!

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