Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our Crazy Night with Diabetes

    Last night Boaz's sugar was 578. Obviously, that was really scary. Thankfully Boaz did not have any ketones, otherwise we would have had to go the hospital to get fluids.  We gave him some insulin and checked in another hour. That time it was 408. Still too high, but at least it was coming down.  

     Now the issue with Dexcom was that it was not registering his sugar and it hadn't for three hours. After three hours, you are supposed to change the sensor if it doesn't start working again. So we got him up to change his sensor. He did so good with the sensor change, he didn't fuss at all!  I think he was just happy to be with us!  After the sensor change (and some more insulin because his sugar was still high) we headed to bed.  When we got up again the sensor had failed.  We checked his sugar (350 so more insulin) and restarted the sensor again. When we got up this morning his sensor had failed again. The problem with this sensor failing, is that it is the last one we have. So we are desperately trying to get it to work. We should have received more sensors not long ago, but we cannot find where they ended up.  So we are praying that we can find the package and get some more sensors soon. We are trusting the Lord in this! 

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  1. WE love y'all so much praying for Dexter!


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