Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some Call Us Crazy

    These past few weeks have been crazy!  In one weekend, we found a place to move into and Josh got a new job. From then we had two weeks to get packed and moved.  Thankfully we had help so getting packed wasn't that bad. The week we were to move I noticed things were a little off with me.  I had been exhausted, nauseous, and of course, I was late.  I knew that I had to take a pregnancy test that week, because I needed to know before I carried heavy boxes. I sent Josh on the awkward run to target, to pick up some tests, and of course they were positive!  We were super excited, and a little bit nervous.  Our plan was to get settled after the move and then buy a van (our Element does not hold anymore than our current family) before we had another one.  But God's plans were different!  Of course our family and close friends were ecstatic, (a few of them may have possibly laughed, but they were excited!).  We announced it to the world of Facebook on Friday and people couldn't have been happier!   

    Even though we were worried about getting a bigger car, we knew God would work it out (He always does!). On Tuesday, my mom sent me a Craig's List listing and this one caught our eye, a Honda Odyssey EL-X at a price we could actually afford!  We called the people up and asked a lot of questions about it. No wrecks, two owners, maintenance was kept up; it seemed almost too good to be true, but we knew with God's provisions nothing is too good to be true!  I sent my dad to look at it (because we lived two hours away, and he was right there) and he said it was a great car. On Friday, we went to go look at it ourselves and loved it!  We ended up leaving with a brand-new-to-us van and we are extremely excited about it!  We love to watch God work things out for us; how wonderful that he provides for His people! 

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