Sunday, September 15, 2013

Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day!

    November 14th is Type 1 Diabetes Day and we are stoked!  Be prepared to see every single detail of a day in the life of Boaz!  We are going to be posting on Instagram a live feed of every single thing we have to do! Had to look at Dexter, INSTAGRAM! Had to count carbs, INSTAGRAM!  Had to give him Insulin, INSTAGRAM!  You guys are going to get a front row seat to see into Boaz's life!  And feel free to ask tons of questions!  Also, tag @dayinthelifeofboaz and #dayinthelifeofboaz on your diabetes awareness Instagram pictures and I will be reposting those as well!*  It could be anything, from wearing blue to just saying you long for a cure!  

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*Day in the Life of Boaz has the right to not repost an Instagram picture.  Inappropriate pictures or pictures with profanity will not be reposted.

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