Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pray for Emory

    Emory has what the doctor called 'the beginning of staph'. He is currently on two creams and a strong antibiotic. He is being a champ taking his medicine (which smells horrible)!  

    This started out with a simple diaper rash. We already has prescription cream, and it was definitely not the first diaper rash we have delt with.  Then after a day or two, he had a new rash on his lower back (the part still hidden by the diaper). After consulting google and a friend, we concluded that is was Diaper Burn caused by chemicals in a diaper. We started treating it like the diaper rash (that's what Dr. Sears and a few other sources recommended) and switch to chemical free diapers. After treating it for a few days, it didn't get better.  So the boys and I loaded up and trekked to the doctor, since we love and cannot part with our doctor that is now 45 minutes away from us.  She said that it was indeed Diaper Burn but she is concerned about it being the 'beginnings of staph'.  Even after one dose of his antibiotic, Emory seemed to feel better.  We are a little concerned still though, because even after a few days of the creams and antibiotics the rashes aren't going away.  So we are asking for you guys to keep Emory in your prayers. Pray that he will be healed and that it will not spread to anyone else in the family!  


  1. Thinking of him this morning...hope things are healing up!

    1. Thanks! He still has a diaper rash, but the spot on his back that was the most concerning is clearing up!


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