Thursday, October 31, 2013

Type 1 Diabetes Day!

    I made a mistake in my last post about this.  I thought T1D day was November 1st, but it is actually on November 14th!  So join us November 14th on Instagram (@dayinthelifeofboaz) for a play by play of everything diabetes related that we do that day!  You will get to experience what Boaz's day is like with Type 1 Diabetes!   Also, don't forget to tag @dayinthelifeofboaz and #dayinthelifeofboaz in your T1D awareness photos that day! We will be reposting your T1D support pics!*

*Day in the Life of Boaz has the right to not repost a photo. Photos with foul language or photos that are inappropriate will not be reposted.  

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