Sunday, May 25, 2014

3 Weeks

    Today marks 3 weeks in the NICU. Greyson was supposed to come home with us on Tuesday, but his SATS were not good overnight so he was unable to do so.  He was still gaining weight but had started to eat less. They put a feeding tube in and said he could come home once he ate 8 feedings of 80ml each. This seemed like an impossible goal as he is a lazy nighttime eater. The next day, the doctor changed the order so that he had a minimum over a 12hr period instead. I was very confident that he could meet this minimum and that he would be coming home the next day (which was Friday).  
    On Friday, we were expecting to bring him home and instead found out that was not doing well with his SATs again and that he had been put back on oxygen.  Because it is a holiday weekend, we would be unable to get the supplies needed to train us to bring him home on oxygen so Tuesday would be the earliest he could come home. 

    Yesterday, when I went to visit him I was surprised to see how rapidly he was breathing. He sound congested (though his lungs were clear and the nurse could not get anything out of his nose) and he would not eat. I tried really hard but he would suck for a few minutes and then look at me like he was in pain.  He really wanted to eat but could not make himself do it. He did this nursing and with a bottle. He was getting so frustrated so I told the nurse to go ahead and put the rest down the tube.  I then held him for about an hour before I had to go. His breathing did slow down while he was laying on me.  I felt so bad for him.  I was pretty sure that he had a cold, but we wouldn't know until the pediatrician saw him the next day. 

    This morning when Josh called, we were informed that they had done a chest x-ray and were going to do a CBC (complete blood count). This worried us because we were unsure of what exactly they were looking for.  We assumed they were looking for an infection and checking to see if he had fluid in his lungs still. That is exactly what they were doing, and both tests came back fine. So, Greyson has some sort of virus that we now just have to wait out. Pray for him to get better!  We are greatful that he was still in the NICU when he got this cold because he is in the safest place he could be! 

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