Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Greyson Drank from a Bottle!

     Greyson was able to eat 10ml from a bottle!  He did a great job!  Before we headed home, we were able to hang out with him and feed him part of his bottle. We (us and the nurses!) were so proud of him!  We do not know how his stomach handled the breast milk, but we will talk to them about it tonight.  One of the things they were concerned about was if he would be able to keep his food down. If he did well, they were going to feed him 15ml at 6pm.  They are also going to reduced his flow from 3 liters down to 2 liters and see how he does.

     The older boys were really happy to see us (and us, them)! We are doing well at home, but we desperately miss Greyson.  Thank you for your continued prayers! 

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