Monday, May 5, 2014

Josh Held Greyson!

     I received this text from Josh while he was in the NICU! I'm so happy that he was able to hold Greyson!  

    Greyson is doing great!  When he was first admitted into the NICU, he was receiving 50% oxygen. He is now receiving 21%, which is the lowest amount! They are hoping to take him off of oxygen tonight.  I haven't been able to see him (since yesterday evening) because I have pink eye. I have been using eye drops for almost 24hr now so I should be able to go see him again tonight!  I can't wait to hold my little man! They have not fed him yet, but pumping is going well and I am slowing building a stock of colostrum in his fridge. They said that he is showing signs of being hungry so they plan on feeding him tonight! 

I am recovering well, just missing Greyson.  Please pray for my healing after birth as well as from all these illnesses! 

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